New Ventures

New Ventures

We long to see the gospel of Jesus saturating every neighbourhood and pocket of society throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories.
Thus, the vision of New Ventures is to see new churches started in places and amongst people groups where: 
  •  Jesus is not yet known
  •  a church does not yet exist
  • the gospel has not yet been communicated in a language the people understand
  •  people have limited or little access to the gospel
In sum, New Ventures exists to start new and innovative expressions of the church that will reach new people with the gospel of Jesus.

To do this, New Ventures is committed to actively partnering with individuals and churches to support the new things Jesus is calling them to do. Through relational coaching, discernment and development processes, and strategic partnerships, we work together with leaders and churches to launch new initiatives that are Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, and mission-focussed, and which advance the gospel through the multiplication of disciples.

We also desire to employ a wide variety of creative and contextualized new ventures that will reach the many kinds of people found throughout the diverse geographies of Canada. In other words, we firmly believe that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to church. Rather, we listen and respond to the Spirit’s invitation, obediently following Jesus where and how He leads, partnering with Him in the Father’s mission of redeeming the whole world.

Capstone East: A New Venture Story

Meet the Abbotts. In September 2021, Jordan and Sarah Abbott launched Capstone East in the neighbourhood of Forest Lawn in Calgary, AB. They are on mission to show and share the kindness and grace of Jesus, to bless the city, dress the poor, and start other churches that do the same. Jordan serves this congregation in a bivocational role.

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